The Best St. Patrick’s Day Songs

In honor of St. Patrick’s day, I have made a list of the top five St. Patrick’s Day Songs. What makes a song a “St. Patrick’s Day Song”? Well, think about it. St. Patty’s is all about green, so it’s gotta be a song all about about green!

5. Ignorant Sh*t- Jay-Z & Beanie Seagal: The song about all the ignorant things in Hov’s life is, truly, a mockery of the people who only rap about money, but, hey, it made for a GREAT song.

4. B*tch Betta Have My Money- Tyga, YG & Kurupt: This is exactly the kind of track that Hova was talking about in “Ignorant Sh*t”. But, the neat is SO hard, and YG Foe Hunnit always provides a good verse.

3. Rack City- Tyga: Although this track is vastly overplayed, it is a really catchy song over another banging beat about throwing money. Tyga seems to be really good at rapping about his money…

2. Make It Stack- Lloyd Banks & A$AP Rocky: As a break from the banging beats, Lloyd Banks provides us with a pretty trill, for lack of a better word, instrumental which A$AP Rocky absolutely rips (no surprise there).

1. Duffle Bag Boi- Playaz Circle & Lil’ Wayne: This is at the epitome of Weezy’s career, when his hooks were GREAT (including this one). Also, this track basically introduced 2CHAINZZZZZZZZZZ to the mainstream rap scene, where he has carved himself a nice niche.

Nipsey Hussle’s “The Marathon Continues: X-Tra Laps” (Download Link)


Nipsey said it best himself on the intro to his new project, “The Marathon Continues: Xtra Laps”:

“Dropped The Marathon in December, n***** still late”.

And it’s so true. I’ve been with Hussle since he dropped that Marathon tape back in December, and he has never once disappointed me, this latest tape included. He’s one of the few modern-day West Coast artists, along with YG and Kendrick Lamar, that I can get into. He dropped one track every hour on the hour yesterday off his new tape, and every song is good. Check the new tape out, with download link :

The Marathon Continues: Xtra Laps