Diggy Simmons Disses J. Cole on “What You Say to Me”

Young Diggy responds to a friendly “diss” off J. Cole’s “Grew Up Fast”, in which he also talked about Diggy’s sister, Vanessa. No offense to Diggy, but you can certainly tell that he’s 17 on this track: first he tells Cole that he has no friends, then he calls him a dweeb. Cole could easily rip Diggy in a beef, but I doubt he thinks it is worth his time.

Anyways, download the diss here, and check out the explained lyrics over on RapGenius.

Download Link: “Definition of Cool” – Mac Miller ft. Diggy Simmons

The two young’ns link up over a Big Jerm beat. Mac spits a verse that’s common for him, while Diggy decided to pull some weird Eminem-style accent thing that really ain’t him. Overall, a decent track.

Download the track here.