Earl is Home

These days, it seems like I’m the only person who hasn’t hopped on the Odd Future banwagon. Personally, I’ve been against the “OFWGKTA” movement from the start. Well, I guess that’s not fair to say; I’ve honestly only been against Tyler the Creator from the start.

Sure, Tyler is a great producer, and I guess you could call him a decent lyricist, but I’m just not feeling it. I guess it’s just that his lyrics are too nasty for me, it seems more like a horror story than a rap song to me. Rap is supposed to be poetry, and I just can’t see some of the things that Tyler says in any poem.

But, some of the members of Odd Future are alright. I really love Frank Ocean’s music, and I guess I can stomach some of the lesser-known rappers from the group, like MelloHype and Domo Genesis, but what everybody has been telling me is that I should get into Earl Sweatshirt.

Now, I couldn’t really do that with any new music from him, considering that he just now¬†got back from a boarding school or something or Somoa, but I checked out some of his old songs, like “Earl”. Honestly, all I saw was a less-radical, more-lyrical Tyler, but still nothing all too impressive. And when he came home, and dropped his song, “Home”, I still wasn’t that impressed. I read somewhere, though, that he supposedly has matured and is being mentored by the same girl who mentored/managed the late, great 2Pac, Leila Steinberg.

So, if her influence does rub off on him, making him more like Pac, maybe I’ll grow to like Earl. Until then, I am firmly against Odd Future. Sorry, banwagons.